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We offer a variety of training courses tailored for your business or organisational need. Click here to see the full range of courses we offer.

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment (adults and children over the age of 7)

Before the assessment a questionnaire will be sent out asking for background information. This assessment lasts about four hours and consists of a discussion regarding educational and developmental history followed by a series of standardised psychometric tests to assess IQ, memory, processing speed, and a detailed analysis of literacy and phonological skills. The full assessment is carried out to identify whether there is a specific learning difficulty and can give you an official diagnosis. This, in turn, can be an important step to putting effective strategies in place to optimise learning and develop effective coping strategies.

Following the analysis of the test results a detailed written report is provided. This gives the results in each area tested, and identifies whether there is a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia. A profile of strengths and weaknesses is built up which informs recommendations for future support.

Prior to the assessment please ensure that the relevant questionnaire has been completed and returned.

Link: Family Questionnaire

Link: School Questionnaire

Link: Adult Assessment Questionnaire

Dyslexia Screening Test (children over the age of 7)

Early screening is often undertaken where there is a family history of dyslexia. The screening test does not give a diagnosis but is designed to give an indication of possible dyslexic difficulties.

These early screening appointments can be used to advise schools and to support parents to develop skills for younger learners in a more strategic way. The earlier any difficulties can be identified the sooner appropriate support and teaching strategies may be put in place.

Access Arrangements for GCSE's and A levels

Students with dyslexia will normally require Access Arrangements in examinations to create a more equal opportunity to non-dyslexic candidates. Such arrangements could include having additional time in which to complete the exam and being entitled to the use of a reader, a scribe or a word processor.

Appropriate assessments are carried out and a short report completed which should be submitted to the school to support the process.

It is the responsibility of the school to interpret the scores and make an application to the examining body.

Disabled Student Allowance

This is a Government grant for UK students in Higher Education to cover extra costs that arise because of a disability, such as a computer and relevant software. The grant does not depend on the parents’ income and is available for students whose disabilities include dyslexia.

In order to apply for funding through the Disabled Students’ Allowances, you must complete and submit the DSA1 form (available at: www.direct.gov.uk/dsa).  This must be accompanied by proof of your disability. In the case of dyslexia a full diagnostic assessment is required. This assessment must be carried out after your 16th birthday.

Employment Support

Enfys Training and Consultancy can provide specialist job coaching and support delivered 1-1 or in a small peer group. We are funded via the Access to Work scheme, or bought in by Human Resources and Occupational Health to deliver coaching for people with neuro diverse conditions.

On average we spend 4 x 2 hour sessions spread out over two months, some people have less some have more than this

We also offer awareness training to the entire organisation, that covers recognition, reasonable adjustments and obligations under the Equality Act 2010. All of out training is fun, interactable and will leave a lasting impression.

An Access to Work information leaflet for employers is available at www.gov.uk/government/publications/access-to-work-guide-for-employers

Access to Work also produced an eligibility letter, which you can give to your employer or take to a job interview. Download a copy at: www.gov.uk/government/publications/access-to-work-eligibility-letter-for-employees-and-employers


All assessments are carried out in accordance with DfES guidelines

Assessment can be carried out in your own home, office in Aberystwyth, or, with the permission of your child’s school, in a quiet room on the school site. This also provides an opportunity to liaise with teachers and support staff.

The detailed report and recommendations provided as part of the full assessment enables parents and teachers to provide appropriate strategies to support your child to reach their academic potential and develop a positive and confident attitude to learning.

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